I truly believe our bodies die, but our souls do not. I trust we are still connected to Eva, that she’s always near.

In order to honor and nourish that connection I created a set of Eva mala beads. I sit with them around my neck, as if they’re a hug from her. They are a physical item that helps bring me into the meditation mindset with Eva. Sometimes I say affirmations while I stroke each bead, most of the time I just sit in silence. The stillness helps to create an open space for making connection, and being receptive to receiving signs.

The comfort I have received from this necklace inspired me to start creating them for others. The first Evalasting Peace mala made its way to Kirsten in New Zealand as a surprise. Her daughter Maeve is a magical girl who bravely fought MDS lissencephaly, like our Eva did. I felt a tug to create a mala for Kirsten in those first days after she lost Maeve, knowing the pain she was feeling.

Maeve always wore a cute pin created by @elfinthings, so I conspired with Kirsty to create a pendent for the mala. I loved her idea of “Precious Maeve.” The perfect touch.

I was inspired to create the Maeve Mala with love and intention to honor the eternal connection between a mother and her child. I’m excited to create future Evalasting Peace malas, and hopefully begin to take orders in the future. Follow along on Instagram @eva.lasting_peace

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