Writing it out

When I bought this journal on clearance in 2015 I kind of snickered at the words. They didn’t really resonate with me, but it was nice and thick. Even though the first entry is about a baby I was pregnant with at the time, it ended up being a journal of loss and trying to conceive.

As I follow the pages I see so much sadness and growth. Then comes all the JOY as I carry Eva, followed by the heartache.

I now use this journal to document my connection with Eva in spirit. As I sit here this morning after a long meditation, I stare at the words and realize they’ve become more of my reality. All because of an amazing soul who chose me as her mama, to teach me and guide me in a different understanding and direction.

I’m grateful I journaled during this journey so I can witness how far I have come since August of 2015. With only a quarter of the journal left untouched, I’m curious to know how this book ends.

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