Lessons in Loss

I have gained so much from child loss. That’s a painful sentence to write because I would give EVERYTHING I’ve gained away to have her here in a healthy body. I say Eva taught me because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have learned the deep lessons of life. It hurts to gain in this way, but it seems to be what us humans require to truly learn and progress. And this is why I share, so a glimmer of my Twinkle Star will shed her stardust on you too.

I have gained:

A deeper love for my loved ones

Gratitude for a healthy body


Knowledge of life behind the veil

Compassion for those I don’t understand

Acceptance of others’ mistakes

The ability to differentiate between trivial stress and legitimate stress

A low tolerance for bullshit


A true understanding of surrender, trust and acceptance.

Everlasting LOVE

People! So many new amazing souls I meet and learn from

A TRUE appreciation for life

This is just off the top of my head as I rise in the morning. What would you include in your list? I have the whole day to myself, and I’m going to carry this with me to boost my mood when it starts to go south. These are all such rich gifts, that I will not squander frivolously.

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